Company Overview

Xylopia founded in October 2009 and established as a formulation CRO in January 2010.

Xylopia established with the strength of mere 15 people, which is now more than 70 and still growing…

Xylopia offers comprehensive solutions for preformulation, formulation development of conventional and novel drug dosage forms, analytical method development and validation, stability and scale up. We also provide services for bioavailability, bioequivalence, bioanalysis, pharmacokinetics, biostatistics and clinical diagnostics. Add to the above, we offer solutions for commercial manufacturing by coordination of outsourced contract manufacturing services at locations where we enjoy a preferred customer status.


  • Completed more than 15 ANDAs including many modified release dosage forms during the last 24 months for clients.
  • List includes products based on platform like hydrogel matrix, multi particulate pellet system (MUPS), osmotic driven dosage form (OROS), wax matrix etc.
  • List includes products with process based on high shear granulation, roll compaction, multi particulate systems in fluid bed processors, melt granulation etc.
  • Executed in-vitro bio-equivalence study which is part of a submitted ANDA.
  • Audited and approved by the local drug control authorities.

  • Our Team

  • Scientists with collective experience of over 40 years in formulation business.
  • Scientists with post graduate degrees and Ph.D.
  • Key strengths:
  • We have highly qualified and capable team with extensive experience in their respective areas like Formulation development, Analytical development, Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance.
  • Support functions includes project managers, packaging experts and IT personnel

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